The Faculty of Social Studies UO has been approved to carry out habilitation procedures in the following fields

Name of the field of habilitation procedureValidity Period
Social Work02. 10. 2030

List of Habilitation Procedures

30. 08. 2022Monika PunováFaculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, BrnoSocial Work01. 02. 2023
Appointed as associate professor
12. 10. 2021Kateřina GlumbíkováDepartment of Social Work, Faculty of Social Studies, University of OstravaSocial Work01. 02. 2022
Appointed as associate professor
30. 09. 2016Marie ŠpiláčkováDepartment of Social Work, Faculty of Social Studies, UOSocial Work01. 12. 2016
Appointed as associate professor
17. 04. 2015Lenka KrhutováFaculty of Social Studies, UOSocial Work01. 11. 2015
Appointed as associate professor
25. 08. 2014Katarína KotradyováFaculty of Theology, Catholic University in RuzomberokSocial Work03. 02. 2015
Ceased at his/her own request
26. 08. 2013Soňa VávrováFaculty of Humanities, Tomas Bata University in ZlínSocial Work01. 02. 2014
Appointed as associate professor
15. 10. 2012Alice GojováDepartment of Social Work, Faculty of Social Studies, UOSocial Work01. 03. 2013
Appointed as associate professor