Our story

The Faculty of Social Studies was founded on April 1, 2008, with the first academic year beginning on September 1, 2008. The newly established Faculty grew out of the former Department of Social Work, previously part of the University’s Medical-Social Faculty. Nowadays the Faculty has two Departments – the Department of Social Studies and the Department of Social Work.

The Faculty offers social science degrees in a range of fields and provides a platform for young researchers to launch their careers. Teaching at the Faculty is closely integrated with research, reflecting the latest developments in social sciences and keeping step with newly emerging fields. As part of this forward-looking ethos, the Faculty cultivates extensive international links with over 50 universities, frequently welcoming guest lecturers from its international partners to teach courses for Master’s and doctoral degrees.

The goal of the Social Work degree programme is to prepare trained social work and social/health care professionals. Social work is a profession which demands a high degree of ethical and professional behaviour. Graduates of the programme find employment mostly as:

  • social workers in all public service and municipal organizations
  • social workers in the health care system, in education, in the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • social workers in private and Church-run charities
  • managers in all organizations providing social services
  • teachers in schools providing higher social work education
  • research and analytical workers in institutions focusing on social problems on the regional or central level

Updated: 09. 01. 2018