International relations at the Faculty of Social Studies

1. Student and academic mobility

The Faculty is strongly committed to the international dimension of education and research in today's globally interconnected world. We cultivate extensive international links with over 50 universities and higher education institutions in 20 European countries. As part of this cooperation we organize both student and staff mobility.

2. Teaching in foreign languages

The Faculty offers doctoral degree programme Social Work taught in the English language. In addition, international students at Bachelor's and Master's levels can attend selected courses taught in English.

3. International Spring School of Social Work

Since 2007 the Faculty has organized an annual event for students in Master's and doctoral degree programmes – the International Spring School of Social Work. The spring school offers an excellent opportunity for students to gain feedback from academics based in a variety of European countries, plus a chance to expand their knowledge, share experiences with their peers from other institutions and countries, and keep in touch with developments throughout Europe. The event also functions as a platform for developing a European social work research network.

4. Research

The Faculty's international research activities are focused primarily on the theory of social work and social policy, issues of state social provision, the social consequences of modernization, population ageing, and the response of the social work profession to these issues and challenges. A key partner in these activities is the European Research Institute for Social Work (ERIS) – one of the University's research centres, which brings together experts from a range of European universities. ERIS also offers an international platform for staff and students to publish their research. The Faculty is a co-organizer of the ERIS international conferences.


The Faculty of Social Studies works in close conjunction with other European higher education institutions as part of the ‘Social Work and Social Economy' (SOWOSEC) programme. Representatives of the partner institutions meet regularly to discuss current developments. One output from SOWOSEC has been the extension of the Faculty's degree programme ‘Management of Social Work Organizations' to offer a joint degree in conjunction with partner universities abroad. The Faculty coordinator for the SOWOSEC programme is Šárka Dořičáková.

Contacts for international relations

Updated: 07. 11. 2019