Degrees at the Faculty

Bachelor's degrees

Social Work programme - full-time and combined (part-distance) studies degree subject: Qualified Social Worker
Graduates are qualified for careers as social workers.

Health and Social Careprogramme - full-time studies
Graduates are qualified for non-medical health care professions without direct management or expert supervision. Areas of application include preventive care, diagnostics, rehabilitation and social work.

Master's degrees

Social Work - full-time and combined (part-distance) studies

Graduates are trained to treat theoretical and practical issues by applying a range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to social work and social work research.Two specializations are expected to come into being:

  • Family social work
  • Development and management in social work

+ Joint Degree programme in conjunction with international partner universities
Graduates are equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills enabling them to pursue careers in social services and social work management. The Joint Degree programme enables students to complete a part of their studies abroad, at our partner universities in Austria (FH Campus Wien) and Slovakia (University of Trnava).

Health and Social Care and Rehabilitation - combined (part-distance) studies
Graduates acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in the fields of health care and social work, enabling them to identify, propose, negotiate and implement sets of multidisciplinary solutions in response to health changes in short-term or long-term patients (following injuries or as a consequence of permanent illness).

Doctoral degree

Social Work - full-time and combined (part-distance) studies in Czech and English degree subject: Research for Developments in Social Work
The doctoral degree expands and deepens students' knowledge of social work theory and methods, incorporating various other related fields and social sciences research methodology.

Updated: 30. 01. 2020