Main research directions at Faculty of social studies, University of Ostrava 2023–2027

Main research direction: Population Groups at Risk of Social Exclusion

Within the main direction of research at the Faculty of Social Studies we focus on research and development of theoretical concepts of social exclusion and approaches and methods suitable for its prevention and/or mitigation. Social exclusion is perceived as a threat to social integrity and social cohesion, as a mechanism of social, material, and cultural isolation and the decline in social participation. We conceptualise it as a multidimensional phenomenon that requires a multidisciplinary research approach.

Main research direction supervisor: prof. Mgr. Soňa Kalenda Vávrová, Ph.D.

Sub-research areas and teams within the main research direction:

The sub-research teams were established to promote team research cooperation in the Faculty, and to involve PhD students.

More information about each sub-research area and teams Research Initiates.

Updated: 11. 05. 2023