Research priorities at the Faculty of Social Studies

Key research area: Population Groups at Risk of Social Exclusion

One of the key areas of research at the Faculty involves the development of theoretical concepts related to social exclusion – which we view as a threat to social integrity and social cohesion, a mechanism of social, material and cultural isolation, and a factor restricting participation in social and societal activities. For the purposes of the research, social exclusion is conceptualized as a multidimensional phenomenon – and as such it requires a multidisciplinary research methodology. The threat of social exclusion affects both individuals and population groups; the research therefore investigates a number of specific social groups. In view of the specific features of social exclusion, basic and applied research explores appropriate methods and measures that may be applied by social work and social policy in order to avoid social exclusion – or to support social inclusion by means of participative methods. The research applies a multidisciplinary approach, which since 2016 has also incorporated the computerization of social work – a promising avenue for potential future research.

The research focuses primarily on two target population groups and related topics:

  1. persons excluded from housing – the focus here is on sets of tools enabling people to overcome their housing situation by accessing and retaining adequate housing.
  2. persons in difficult life situations placing them at risk of social exclusion, primarily due to their age or health (especially seniors, young children or disabled persons) – here the research explores the role of social work and social services helping people to overcome such situations.

Key research coordinators
doc. PhDr. Alice Gojová, Ph.D.theoretical and applied research focusing on persons excluded from housing
prof. Mgr. Soňa Kalenda, Ph.D.theoretical and applied research focusing on persons in difficult life situations placing them at risk of social exclusion

Key research programme for the next period (5-year outlook)

The aim of the research is to determine the current social situation, and on that basis to devise relevant tools and/or to propose appropriate social work methods and approaches enabling solutions to be identified and applied when addressing socio-political problems with relation to both individuals and specific target groups at risk of social exclusion. Innovative elements will be incorporated into the ongoing activities forming part of the key research programme, based particularly on a promising new avenue of research – the computerization of social work and the use of new ICTs in social work practice.

Activity plan20182019202020212022
Preparation of grant projects (CEP, international)xxxxx
Implementation of grant projects and contractual research xxxxx
Publications, focusing on major databases (e.g. WoS, Thomson Reuters)xxxxx
4 excellent publicationsxxxxx
Implementation of a promising avenue of research (computerization of social work) into ongoing research as part of the key research programme xxxxx

Role of the doctoral programme

The topics addressed in doctoral students' dissertations on social work are directly related to aspects of the key research programme at the Faculty. Student grant projects (the University's internal SGS grant scheme) always correspond with at least one of these aspects.

Updated: 24. 10. 2018