Mission and vision

The Faculty’s mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge – to research, study, and educate – in social studies, social work and related fields. At the heart of the Faculty’s activities is the social work profession – as well as other helping professions which are now becoming firmly established in the Czech Republic. These professions all share one common denominator – they apply theoretical knowledge and research findings in everyday practice, with the aim of improving people’s quality of life and helping individuals, groups and societies to harness and develop their full potential. The Faculty also plays an important role in monitoring and analyzing current societal developments that affect social work and the helping professions.

The Faculty’s work is rooted in ethical values and principles which stem from its focus on social studies and social work. These core values include:

  • human dignity and respect for human rights,
  • social justice,
  • solidarity and social cohesion,
  • professionalism and professional integrity.

The Faculty’s vision is to be:

  • an open academic community with a shared culture stemming from its core values, including an ability to reach informed and effective consensus,
  • an excellent provider of education equipping future professionals with extensive specialist knowledge and a strong sense of ethics,
  • a renowned centre of research, with clearly defined research goals,
  • a partner for other educational and research institutions, public administration bodies, local government, non-profit organizations, and health care providers,
  • an active participant in creating and implementing strategies for addressing social issues – with a strong focus on challenges facing the region.

Updated: 09. 01. 2018