Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work teaches courses as part of the accredited degree programme ‘Social Work' in the following degree subjects:

Social work teaching combines research-based aspects with training in the professional competencies that are essential for providing effective and ethical social work. The aim of the degree programme ‘Social Work' is to  enhance the quality and effectiveness of social work provision and ensure that new developments in the field are fully reflected in both teaching and social work practice. The programme trains highly qualified and capable professionals who can use and develop their knowledge in helping the social work profession to progress and move forward. The programme is based on the goals and principles of the social work profession and reflects the requirements of practical social work provision, the latest developments in social work research, and current legislative requirements defining the qualifications necessary for social workers to practice their profession (Sections 109 and 100 of Act no. 108 on Social Services), as well as the Minimum Educational Standards set by the Czech Association of Social Work Educators (for Bachelor's degrees).

The Department is involved in the Erasmus+ programme, regularly hosting lecturers from abroad; Department staff also travel to partner universities to lecture there. Students can take part in study stays abroad via the Erasmus+ programme, and the Department also hosts students from abroad (e.g. from Finland, Austria and Germany).

Updated: 21. 10. 2022