Social Work and Criminology (full-time and part-distance form)

Graduates of the follow-up Master's degree programme Social Work with a specialisation “Social Work and Criminology” can be employed as specialists in the area of social work with actual and potential perpetrators and victims of crime. Also, they will be able to prepare, implement, and evaluate activities within crime prevention programmes. They can find employment in state and local government institutions in the area of crime control and prevention as well as in social service providers, NGOs, and private sector entities active in this area. Graduates may continue their studies in the Social Work PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Studies. The PhD programme is also offered in English.

Studies are concluded with the state final examination (by passing the subjects Methodology in Social Work Research, Theories and Methods of Social Work, Social Work and Criminology) and the defence of the student's Master thesis.

The degree can be studied in full-time or part-distance form.

For more information about the study programme details, contact your education counsellor Mgr. Ivana Bražinová, Ph.D.

Updated: 21. 10. 2022