The 2-year Master's degree in Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship

The Follow-up Master's degree in Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship is conceived and implemented as a Joint Degree programme, meaning that part of the study programme is implemented in cooperation with two foreign universities – the University of Trnava and Fachhochschule Campus Wien.

The study aims to prepare professionals in the field of social work and social entrepreneurship to be able to solve both theoretical problems and problems arising in practice with an emphasis on linguistic competence in English. Cooperation in the programme implementation is based on the Faculty's long-term membership in the Social Work and Social Economy (SOWOSEC) network.

Several specifics of the study programme:

  1. An important benefit of the study programme is its international dimension, meaning that one semester is designed as a “mobility window.” Meaning that students take a compulsory two-week study trip to Vienna, during which they complete the Intercultural Project Management course. In addition, they can take advantage of other study exchange trips and internships abroad, as the Faculty cooperates with more than fifty international universities.
  2. Students are required to earn 30 credits as part of their engagement with partner foreign universities in Trnava and Vienna. The curriculum includes a compulsory English language course.
  3. Another benefit is the emphasis on professional practice. It provides experience of ways of working in social work organisations that also have social entrepreneurship established as part of their activities. Students are given the opportunity to confront the acquired theoretical knowledge in the management of social work service organisations with their activities in practice.

It is a unique study programme in the Czech Republic offered by a public university. Graduates will also be awarded a Joint Degree Diploma certifying the completion of this study programme.

Graduates may continue their studies in the Social Work PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Studies. The PhD programme is also offered in English.

For more information about the study programme details, contact your education counsellor Mgr. Ivana Bražinová, Ph.D.

Updated: 21. 10. 2022