Community Development

Degree programme: Social Policy

Degree: Community Development

Description of the degree

The aim of the 3-year Bachelor’s degree ‘Community Development’ is to train graduates to carry out analytical and conceptual activities when implementing social policy and community work at the municipal and regional level. The degree reflects the need for professionals with multidisciplinary skills in the fields of spatial and community planning who are able to coordinate the development of regions, municipalities and communities, including the procurement of the necessary funding enabling this development to occur. The degree is based on the principles of community development and strategic spatial planning in cities, towns and municipalities, taking account of the use and development of human resources at the community, town/city or regional levels in accordance with the “bottom-up” ethos, i.e. involving local citizens in designing and implementing solutions to their own problems. The degree can be studied in full-time or part-distance form.

Degree coordinator:
+420 553 46 3205
Teaching advisor and administrative coordinator:
+420 553 46 3219

Updated: 22. 11. 2017