Social Work

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Degree programme: Social Policy and Social Work

Degree: Social Work

Description of the degree

The 2-year Master’s degree (Mgr.) in Social Work trains graduates to pursue a career in the social work profession. It is based on the goals and principles of the social work profession and reflects the requirements of practical social work provision, the latest developments in social work research, and current legislative requirements defining the qualifications necessary for social workers to practice their profession (Sections 109 and 100 of Act no. 108 on Social Services), as well as the Minimum Educational Standards set by the Czech Association of Social Work Educators. Studies are concluded with the state final examination (in the subjects Social Work Methods and Theoretical Aspects, Methodology of Social Work Research) and the defence of the student’s Master’s thesis.

The degree can be studied in full-time or part-distance form.

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Updated: 23. 11. 2021