Field internships for international students

What is the objective of field internship?

International students will gain experience in direct performance of social work in the Czech Republic. They can use this experience to develop their competences needed to pursue the occupation of a social worker or to compare and link them with theoretical knowledge and common practice from their country.

Where can the field internship be completed?

International students can complete their internship both in governmental or non-governmental organisations where social work is performed. As a rule, students do their internship in social service agencies (such as homes for the elderly, social activation services for families with children, homeless shelters, etc.).

The student primarily chooses one of the cooperating organisations that is open to the admission of international students. Their profiles are available here. In this case, the Faculty negotiates the field internship and therefore the student does not contact the organisation. If the student arrives in the Czech Republic with a pre-arranged internship in an organisation that is not listed as a collaborating organisation of FSS UO, the student contacts this organisation independently.

The list of cooperating organisations in which it is possible to complete an internship is provided to international students by an International Relations Officer – Mgr. Michaela Vontorová. If students arrive in the Czech Republic for the winter semester, they are required to declare their interest in an internship to the Foreign Relations Officer, including the selected organisation by the end of August. In the case of study in the Czech Republic in the summer semester, students declare their interest in an internship and the selected organisation by the end of December. In the next step, the Faculty negotiates the internship with the concerned organisation.

How does a field internship work?
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Updated: 14. 03. 2023