Health Care-Social Work

Degree programme: Health Care-Social Work

Degree: Coordination of Rehabilitation and Long-Term Health and Social Care

Description of the degree

The 2-year Master’s degree ‘Coordination of Rehabilitation and Long-Term Health and Social Care’ trains graduates to perform professions at the interdisciplinary overlap between health care and social interventions on the macro, mezzo and micro levels. The concept of the degree draws on the pragmatic acknowledgement that health care and social care are inextricably linked in all activities tackling the consequences of changes in health – including activities seeking to prevent such changes or prevent deterioration. The degree responds to the need for qualified experts with in-depth targeted interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, who are able to identify, analyze, conceive, negotiate, solve and evaluate the effectiveness of activities at the meeting-point of health care and social interventions.

Degree coordinator and teaching advisor:
+420 553 46 3218
Administrative coordinator for the degree:
+420 553 46 3245

Updated: 22. 11. 2017