Schedule of the admission procedure (Social Work)

Schedule of the admission procedure for the doctoral study programme Social Work at the Faculty of Social Studies, UO
Open Day
26 January 2024
Deadline for submission of applications
7 June 2024
Deadline for payment of administrative fee
7 June 2024
Deadline for execution of the payment transaction by the applicant
Date of entrance examination
27 June 2024
Alternative date of entrance examination
The alternative date of the entrance examination is not set.
Deadline for sending obligatory attachments
7 June 2024
Publication of unofficial results (points) on the website
from 18 July 2024
Publication of information to applicants who are proposed for admission
from 18 July 2024
Information to applicants who are proposed for admission and invitations to accept the decision, respectively to enroll in the study, will be published electronically in the information system of the University of Ostrava; information may also be sent to the e-mail address provided by the applicants in the electronic application
Delivery of decisions on admission/non-admission to study
from 18 July 2024
Enrolment in the 1st year of study
August–September 2024
Consultation of admission materials
to be specified
Appeal procedure
July–October 2024

Updated: 09. 11. 2023