Knowledge and Technology Transfer Centre under the University of Ostrava

The intention of the University of Ostrava (UO) is to build a comprehensive system of support and management of intellectual property with an emphasis on commercialisation of knowledge and scientific results in the applied industry sector. The project implementation brings a unique opportunity to fulfil the strategic objective of the University of Ostrava through the initiation of cooperation with the applied industry sector by reflecting the requirements and maximizing the society's benefit from the knowledge generated in the academic environment. The project objective is to create a system of support and management of intellectual property at the University of Ostrava and to develop the university's potential in the area of cooperation with the applied industry sector. The objective will be fulfilled through two project pillars: Specific education of UO employees in the area of knowledge and technology transfer and Support of cooperation with the applied industry sector. Project activities include: KA1-Support system for the management of intellectual property at UO, KA2-Educational activities for technology transfer workers, KA3-Promotion of technology transfer with academic and R&D staff, education of academic and R&D staff, KA4-Dissemination of activities towards the applied industry sector and initiation of cooperation, KA5-Project management.

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Updated: 15. 01. 2020