Support for internal evaluation of the Good Neighbours Also Exist in the Blanensko Region project

Since May 2017, the organisation Práh jižní Morava, z.ú. (Threshold, South Moravia, registered institute) has been implementing a project in the region of Blanensko to help persons who are at risk of homelessness because of their mental illness. As part of the "Good Neighbours Also Exist in Blanensko" project, it provides this group of people with free support in maintaining their existing housing situation or helping them find a sublet. The organisation has been supporting people with mental illness in their inclusion in everyday life in the South Moravian Region for seventeen years. It accompanies them in basic areas of life, such as getting and maintaining a job, the ability to live independently, educate themselves and spend meaningful leisure time, taking care of their health and interpersonal relationships. It seeks to enable people to recover in their own environment among their loved ones, which is facilitated by outreach activities. Members of the Blanensko fieldwork team visit people in their homes, hostels and sublets, which was they would like to keep or help them find more suitable housing. Experts from different fields (social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse) coordinate holistic care of patients according to their individual needs. They help people to clarify the financial situation, plan a budget, find a job, or, provided that the mental illness is currently showing more seriousness, to receive social benefits and to solve crisis situations as well as their everyday active participation in society.

The subject of the service contract is to provide expert consulting and support for internal evaluation designed to fulfil the subject of the contract implemented as part of the project "Good Neighbours Also Exist in Blanensko" for the main beneficiary of the project: Zahrada 2000 z.s.

Updated: 09. 01. 2020