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Cooperation with international partners

One of the main goals of the newly established Faculty of Social Studies will be the internationalization of its education provision. These efforts find their expression in the involvement of international teachers in the Master’s programmes submitted for accreditation, as well as in the number of visiting international professors participating in the existing doctoral degree programme. The internationalization of the education process at the FSS will be facilitated by means of cooperation between the newly established faculty and a range of international partners. The FSS will seamlessly pick up the existing cooperation with partner institutions abroad where the former Department of Social Work left off; this cooperation has been continuously expanded ever since the Department was established. The Department has signed cooperation agreements with 36 international partners in 16 EU countries.

The ECSPRESS Office, founded in 1998, will also be integrated into the Faculty of Social Studies. The founders of the Office were the European Association of Schools of Social Work, the European Centre for Community Education, and the European Association of Training Centres for Socio-Educational Care. The goal of the Office is to coordinate projects with participation from multiple European social work educational institutions. Currently, 335 institutions from 41 countries are participating in this network. Among the Office’s other cooperation-related activities are the organization of international conferences and various publication-related activities.

Social Work and Social Economy project (SOWOSEC)

An example showcasing the possibilities opened up by the internationalization of education can currently be seen in the preparations of the Master's degree programme within the scope of the Social Work and Social Economy (SOWOSEC) project, funded by the Erasmus programme.

Project goals:

  • to develop and implement a jointly run educational programme for the social sector with focus on social management;
  • to create shared curricula and to promote their acceptance in the partner countries, which would allow for student mobility and recognition of academic qualifications in the partner countries.

Project leader:

  • Fachhochschule Campus Wien, Austria

Project partners:

  • University of Ostrava, Faculty of Social Studies
  • Fachhochschule Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel, Germany
  • Institut Regional de Travail Social, Poitou-Charentes, France
  • Debreceni Egyetem, Hungary
  • Uniwersytet Slaski, Poland
  • Trnavská Univerzita, Slovakia
  • Fachhoschule Zentralschweiz, Switzerland

The Master's degree graduate study programme Management of Social Work Service Organizations is based on the SOWOSEC project.

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